Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Chore Chart

I picked this family home evening board up from the Wood Connection for $6.95, but I already had a family home evening board. I've been wanting to make my kids a chore chart for some time now, but haven't been able to find anything that cute....and I am to lazy to cut out my own wood.
 First I sanded everything down, then I spray painted out in my driveway so I didn't turn everything in the garage yellow!
 While I was waiting for it to dry I cut some vinyl out and put it on transfer paper.
 I sanded my wood with a paper bag after it dried, and put another coat on.  When it was completely dry I adhered the vinyl...I like to peel it off on an angle it seems to come off easier!
 I then put my kids names over the two slots...but you could even do their names with a to do, and done over the knobs.  The holes were pretty tiny to put the ribbon threw, so I took my scissors and twisted them to make it a little easier to put the ribbon in.
 My favorite part of the project...embellishing.  I just tied some ribbon, and made a little fabric looked really cute without these things too...but like I said I love to embellish!
 Finished my hallway off if my kids will really do the chores! :)

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Amy C said...

I love the color you chose to use! I've seen those boards, and I love the shape too, it's adorable! Good job making it work for a job chart, I hope your kids will use it! :)