Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner Ideas

Today I went and had lunch with my friend and we got to talking about dinner ideas and menu planning.  I had made a goal to be better at this new year.  I've been working on different menu plans, grocery list etc.  I have been typing up my recipe book for the past year and a half...ouch!  But low and behold I am seeing an end.  Here is a little preview of what some of my front pages are going to look like.  These are my VERY FAVORITE pages in my recipe book.  They are key for me when making a menu plan/shopping trip list.  These are things I make for my family on a regular basis, I try to rotate things as much as possible so we don't get sick of eating the same thing.  Also if we have hamburger one night, I try to do chicken the next or if we have and Italian type of dinner one night I try to hold off on having another one for at least a week and a half.  Got it?
I guess I should mention that I typed ALL my recipes in my word program and then I've been putting them into my Digital Studio Program.  Let me know if you want to order this, it is my NEW favorite tool in scrapbooking! :)

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