Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentines Craft

I've been putting it off for a couple weeks now.  Isn't it so WEIRD to think Christmas was 3 weeks ago?  It feels like it was months ago!  I struggle with January, it is my LEAST favorite month of the year!  I decided to get my Valentines decor out today, and it is slim pickens! But I had some fun stuff down in my craft room and I got to work!

I made this chipboard frame last year with two of my girlfriends during the Superbowl.

 But today I decided to have my try with these doily hearts!  I got this frame from the dollar store awhile ago, and put some of my Stampin Up DSP and Glued the heart to the paper.  Then I cut a  little Vinyl scroll off, put that on the glass, Then I wrapped some ribbon around the whole frame.

The other is a little vase that I had on hand.  I Modge Podged the heart onto the glass then I used my Stampin Up heart punch and glued that onto the doily.  I wrapped with some ribbon and filled it up with conversation hearts. 

Now I feel like I have a little bit more Valentines decor, for practically nothing....sweet!

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Amy C said...

Love your chipboard frame! How big are those? Your doily decor looks great too!