Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pringle Can Do Over

Every time I open up my pantry I seem to find spaghetti noodles on the ground (aka Phil Emma like to snack on them) I'd been saving my pringle cans for this VERY purpose!  I used 12x12 paper and adhered them to the cans with some sticky tape that Stampin Up sells, and cut out some vinyl using the Kirsten font.  Super easy project, and my pantry is starting to look a lot more organized!


Amy C said...

What a great idea, and they look SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sami! Great idea ! How did you get rid of the grease/salt inside ? ;)

Lucy Thompson said...

Great! Except that spaghetti is too long to fit in a Pringles can. I was sooo hoping. But nope. :( Most knitting needles are too long as well. Double pointed needles and crochet hooks do, though. :)