Thursday, December 22, 2011

homeade gifts and birthday breakfast!

 I've had these pencils for MONTHS now and I finally got around to making them just in time for Christmas!  I painted then cut some vinyl out.  It was nice they only took about 1/2 hour to make so that was nice.

 We had a Carter family party and I had a barbie in our gift tote.  I cut its hair and glued it underneath the arm pits, and chest.  Inserted a razor, and made a little tag on my computer.  Ha ha ha I laughed the whole time I made it.  My sister in law ended up with it, and thanked me for the European Barbie!
Yesterday was emma's birthday, I saw these cute little pancakes on pinterest so I thought they looked like fun.  The kids loved them!  And they were so easy so that was the best part!  Bacon for antlers, Cool whip for eyes with chocolate chips, then a strawberry for the nose. 

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Amy C said...

Your pencils turned out cute! That barbie is hilarious! Was it the hit at the party, or what? LOL! Fun pancakes, your looks just like the one on pinterest. :)