Friday, November 22, 2013

Hashbrowns Galore....

Every year we go get around 200 bags of potatoes!  I usually get myself 2 bags of Russets because they'll last until Spring.  We love hash browns but they take forever to make if you don't have premade baked potatoes.  So one day my husband and kids scrubbed 25 lbs. of potatoes and we baked them.  I put them in two bowls and let them cool off overnight in the cool garage.  The next day Ezra helped run them through my super awesome bosche attachment that shredded them like a breeze!

Look at all those hashbrowns...I know silly!  But we figured that's over a hundred dollars we would of spent at the store if we bought premade ones!  Now I can make funeral potatoes, and breakfast in a breeze! 

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