Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Laundry Room Project

 So who loves pintrest????  I do I do!  I saw this great organizational project by Anna Mosely and priced it out for my husband to build....but unfortunatly by the time we got all the wood together, paint, ect it was going to be a $70 dollar project.  So that was a big no from the hubs.  This corner in my laundry room drives me CRAZY!  Stuff just gets piled there and I hate folding clothes in the living room. So I went down to stringhams and bought me some shelving material and brackets.  I spent around $15....I went straight to work!
 See I really do these projects myself...Philly can barely keep up with his projects!
 Finished project!  Not anything fancy but oh man I sure do love my corner in the laundry room now.  Laundry gets folded and put away pronto now, Phil has the bottom basket for his work clothes so they aren't stinkin up my closet and I have a basket for hangers and stuff that needs ironing.  Now I need to figure out a way to get a bar to hang clothes on in my laundry room. 


Kevin Payne said...

Hi, came across your blog looking for a laundry project for my wife. Your shelves look awesome and easy to build. I had one question if you have a second. Are there any issues with the baskets being too heavy for those brackets? I've seen a couple people have made these (through pinterest and searches) and lots of people ask that question, but no one ever really gives an answer. I'd love to know before building these? Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

The original pin for this basket idea is here http://pinterest.com/pin/144678206749407586/ you might want to give credit.