Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cedar Chest Redo.....

 So I got this cedar chest from my parents when I was 16....it was a hand me down which is just great by me but it has always needed some work.  Well I wasn't able to take it to college with me...and when I was first married we lived in a 450 sq ft apartment, then we moved into a 600 sq ft apt....then it was kind of just left in storage for 8 years....I've been asking my husband to bring it up from Delta for 3 years now.  We have finally had the room but it has low and behold stayed in storage.....
 Well my sis came up the day after the fourth and guess what was in the back of his truck....oh ya Sissy to the rescue!  I was beyond excited...I immediatly started going threw my treasures, notes, pictures, blankets, papers I colored in Kindergarten, roses from prom etc.  The next day I got to work and roughed it up with the sander, and primed it, then I let it dry overnight in my hot garage, then I primed it again. 

 Then I did something I should of done before I primed.... the bottom was peeling off and I thought I don't need this...so I totally took the hammer to it and smacked all the wood off.  Just leaving the wheels. 
 So then I primed it again for good measure!  Then I took some black paint and mixed it with some glaze.  I painted it on making sure I got the corners and edges really good.   I cut up a couple of tshirts and went to town.  Wipe on wipe off method!

 Then I decided to leave the top black so I painted it with regular black paint.  I love love love the way it turned out!  And it fits perfectly at the bottom of my bed. 

 Now I just need to cut some vinyl out on my walls and my room decor will be complete unless I make up my mind about stenciling the wall behind my bed.  I'm just torn at what color would look good back there!

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