Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pantry Door Re-Do

I've been dying to paint my pantry door....I just had to wait until we closed on our house....actually it was in underwritting when I did it....but we ended up closing a couple days later anyways!
 I picked out this fun color down at the Hardware Store and it took awhile after I put a few coats. 

I bought a glaze and dumped some black paint into it.  I painted the whole thing then wiped it off with a rag....and this is the finished project!  I love it!  Notice the doornob...ya thank you pintrest for the tip...tinfoil rocks!


Milliscent Morgan said...

Nice post about pantry doors, keep it up!

Devilyn said...

This door is exactly what I want to do with my pantry door. Color and all. What type of glaze did you use? And do you happen to know what color?

Sami Carter said...

The color is from True is called Bay Breeze but I'm pretty sure you could find it at home depot or something like that. I made my own glaze but sometimes you can buy Black Glaze already made up at Lowes and you don't need very much. You just paint your door let it completley dry and do 2 to 3 coats. Then put your glaze on and wipe it right off...I just used a bunch of old t-shirts. But at true value I bought a product called simply glaze true value brand and mixed it with some Black Satin paint...also for the bay breeze I used a semi-gloss. I hope that helps :)