Monday, April 23, 2012

More Pillows and a wreath.....

I picked these wreath up for $1.50 now that's a deal!  I hot glued a little bit of burlap, and tied some SU ribbon around it.  Then I glued some more of these fabric flowers on top of it.  It was such a fast project, and I love the simple look of it!

Looks cute with my flowers on my fireplace....slowly coming together!

And I got to work and made two more pillows today.... I've had this green/brown fabric in my stash for over a year...I had good intentions for it but alas never happened....I'm trying to use up all my scraps!

Here is the other pillow I made today...I just sewed some strips together and stuffed the pillow.  Then I hot glued these flowers on...I know I'm lazy!  But I figure if they fall off then I can just glue them on again! :)

Here is the finish project of the green one....I love how big it is ended up being 16x16....
I'm glad to finally get back into my crafting mode when I have time.  Ezra took a rest today so I decided to whip out the sewing machine for a bit.  It ended up being a pretty productive Monday....I'm going to try my hardest to do all my sheets on Mondays...I got it done and all the beds remade today, ran errands, had Dr.apt, had some fun one on one time with Ezra, did the shred, made some delish Fajitas, Fhe, and now time for bed!

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