Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yes I still craft.....

Believe it or not but I still do craft...just not very often anymore.
I've stepped back...a lot...and am using the time to spend with 3 more important things :)

Everyday I have to ask Emma the same questions....Did you make your bed?
Did you practice Piano? and so forth....I am the nagging mom! Well I made this 5x7 frame for her and she uses a dry erase marker to check things off when she does it each day.
Turned out cute huh...picture sucks...sorry much cuter in person!
Frame cost a dollar, spray painted it...while it dryed I found some scrap paper and used my word program and typed on it.  Adheared with a bow, and made a little flower with my flower punch.
Super simple, and Emma loves it works like a charm!
 Next I've been wanting to make a little menu wipe off board.  Again a dollar frame...I made another flower with my stampin up flower punch and cute stampin up ribbon, and brad.  Just punch out 5 or 6 flowers layer them, crop in the middle.  Crunch up the flowers and adhear a brad to hold them together.
 Weekly Menu board....

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