Friday, February 17, 2012

Yummy Breakfast Bowl!

I had some leftover ham from a chicken cordon blue casserole I made that I saw on studio family wasn't very impressed so I'm not going to post about that recipe.

But I will about this one!  We love breakfast around here, whenever I make Bacon my husband and daughter come out and eat it before I can get it out on the table! 

Everything in this recipe is cooked before hand then you layer it in a bowl or casserole dish!
1 bag shredded hash browns, or potatoes O'Brien, you can even make your own hash browns if your feeling up to it.
1 lb. Ground Sausage, bacon, or ham slices (this time I did ham and sausage)
8-12 Eggs Scrambled
Shredded Cheese

I usually cook in order that I'm layering and use my skillet so I'm not making a lot of dishes to clean up later!

Brown hash browns, layer in bottom of bowl.  Heat up ham slices, cook sausage, or any other meat you decide to use.  Layer those on top of hash browns.  Scramble up your eggs with some milk, salt and pepper, layer on top of meat.  Sprinkle with cheese on top while eggs are warm.  Cheese should melt while waiting to serve or you can nook it in the microwave for 30 seconds. 

Defiantly a favorite at our house!

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