Monday, October 17, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

Another super Saturday under my belt! They are a lot of work and this year my ward had about 7 instructors! I kept my projects simple....I've learned the hard way! I did sign up to make this wreath and it was really a lot of fun to make, just really time consuming! When Phil got home he said, "what the heck is that?"....I told him " a wreath", then he said,"what did you make it out of cupcake wrappers, or garbage bags?", and I said, "no it's out of coffee filters," he then said, "YOU WOMEN"....I laughed my butt off.


Amy C said...

I'm glad your super saturday went well. That comment from Phil is pretty funny! Cute wreath! Did you guys ink the edges of the filters to make them brown? CUTE!

Phil said...

I inked mine she had soaked them in coffee but I wanted a little more brown on it! :) Thanks