Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Louis the Alligator....

So yesterday was E's 6th birthday! I asked her what kind of cake she wanted...she proceeded to her room and brought out her Princess in the Frog cookbook....I immediately knew what she wanted and I have been putting her off since her last birthday when she actually got the cookbook. She opened it right up to Louis the alligator cake....I took a deep breath read the instructions and thought I can do this, I can do this. Monday while the kids were at school I took my little side kick to the store to pick up the supplies! We had to be creative because I had never heard of some of the candy they had used. We went over to the candy bins, and luckily they had all their Christmas variety's out and we were able to sift through things to make the alligators claws, plus we got some yummy sour apple circles, white chocolate covered pretzels, Green M&M's, and Whoppers.

We cooked up a chocolate fudge cake in a bundt pan the day before. I was praying so hard when I flipped it out that it wouldn't fall apart, but I had carefully crisco'd that pan up then dusted it with flour making sure every speck of that pan was covered! Luckily it came out like a charm. We cut it into 3 pieces (mind you I had my niece and nephew all day, all 5 kids gathered around the table in awe and watched) and I went to work! E kept saying, "Good job mom," "That looks awesome" "mom you rock" (I couldn't of done it without her encouragement!) 1 1/2 hours later Louis was all done! Isn't he a cutie! I had a hard time cutting into him last night, but he was oh so yummy!

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