Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Fabulous Project

A couple of weeks ago Phil and I started on this project! I wish I would of gotten a better before picture, I didn't think about it till we had it all torn apart, but hopefully you get the picture!
Phil found a great store in Orem to buy new hardware and drawer pulls for dressers. Drawer pulls were our number one reason for fixing the dresser. My daughter would pull out the drawer and it would fall out, I was hoping to save her toes! We went on the hunt to buy a new dresser and anything new that was sturdy was over $300 dollars, and everything used needed to be refurbished anyways!They just don't make furniture like they used to! Guess that's what keeps people in work now a days. This was a fun project cause we did it together. Phil and I spent the first two days sanding and roughing up the dresser. Then I washed it down with Mineral Spirits to get rid of all the dust that was lurking behind. Then a couple days later Phil coated it with some paint we had on hand....seriously though if your going to be a perfectionist buy real furniture paint to do it...we had wall paint on hand and that is what we used. We are keeping cost really down! Put two coats of Apple Peel on the dresser let it dry over night. Sanded the dresser with a brown paper bag...then we added a dark brown stain over top, let it sit for a few then rubbed it off! Made the white not so bright! I love the stain in the edges and artwork, it really makes it stand out don't you think?
Phil spent a few days trying to figure out the rollers, he had to cut some 2x4s to make it work, but you wouldn't even know that if I wouldn't of said anything. Phil also coated the top with a clear coat so if anything spilled on it the paint wouldn't peel off.

The finished project! What do you think? Oh btw our total cost for this project was right around $60 bucks not bad for a dresser that I hope to last her through her teenage years!


Mangelson's said...

Oh that is beautiful. Jared and I have been making projects together all summer. One of these days I will have to post them. It's so much fun to work together.

Jenny said...

Incredible! We need a project like that. I was thinking the other night that I would like to tackle our kitchen cabinets. I doubt Alan goes for it though.

Amy C said...

I love that! What is apple peel and how do you sand with a brown paper bag? I want to refinish some things, but I don't know all the ins and outs of it. :)

Nanette said...

You guys did an awesome job!!!!! love it!!!

Sami Carter said...

Apple peel is a paint color, it's a very nice tone of white. Just rub the paint with the paper bag, it's a lot gentler than sandpaper and gives it a nice smooth look! Donna I would love to see the changing table you guys made!