Saturday, October 23, 2010

My own bakery!!!!

Finally....I think I figured it out! It is defiantly different for every person and I think after 29 years I have finally figured out what I've been doing wrong. When I was in Idaho this last weekend my aunt was whipping out rolls like the way I pop a pizza in the oven. I asked for her recipe and she said it's different every time and gave me the ingredients. I was on a MISSION the other day and whipped up 2 batches, the first NOT good at all the whole thing went in the I gave it a second try and they turned out pretty good other than they were a little heavy. So today I gave it a third try we we're getting sick of the rolls and bread so I opted to make cinnamon rolls with bread sticks! They both turned out delish! So here's the thing I think you need to find a recipe that works for mother in law and sister in law both rock the lion house roll recipe but I can't EVER get them tasting when you finally find that recipe keep it and tweek it!!!!

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