Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Market on Main

Come and visit me this Saturday at Market on Main! Santaquin Main Street 9-2 their will be a lot of different venders, and fresh fruit/veggies from the local farmers! A couple of months ago I decided this would be a lot of fun....I should of started my projects then! The past two weeks I've been crafting my minutes away! My husband cut and routed all of my boards, helped me by PUTTING AWAY ALL the laundry on Monday, and has been keeping the dishes clean! What a keeper! We hope this pays off!

I've made around a HUNDRED flower pieces for little girl's hair! Crazy me....But I always have people calling me up for some so I figured its a good idea to have a bunch on hand!

This is driving my husband insane...yes my craft room has been a sight of destruction for the past 2 weeks! Maybe I'll surprise him and get it cleaned up today!


Amy C said...

Wow, you've been busy! Are you cutting some of your own vinyl or are you just using Stampin' Ups vinyl? I can't wait for tomorrow night!

Sami Carter said...

I've been cutting a lot of my own! I used some stuff that I had lying around from Stampin up!

Mangelson's said...

Oh super cute. I soooo wish I was crafty like that, but...I'm totally not. I hope you do well on Saturday.

Jenny said...

Incredible! You'll do great.