Friday, July 9, 2010

July Card Class Thurs July 29th....

Here it is....July Card Class, sorry I had to change it because that is our ONLY weekend left of the summer so we decided it was more important spent as a family! So this will be ONLY a simple class rather than a stamp a stack...sorry! So class will be on THURSDAY July 29th at 6:45 p.m. Class will be $10.00, $5.00 if you bring someone who has never been, and $5.00 for them as well! Thanks!

My sister in law made me a card just like this for a thank you and I couldn't help but borrow her creativity!
Card #2
Now if you'll notice the card on the stamp is a little different from the matching paper, no worries I'll have the right color's in time for the class...

Card #3
Same as card number 5 different color sceam and paper although! Perfect for a Thank You, Wedding, Birthday, etc.

Card #4
Fun birthday card for either a boy or a girl!

Card #5

Must sign up by Monday the 26th so I can have everything cut out! Email me samiphilcarter@gmail or call me 801 870 8570 Thanks!

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Amy C said...

I'll talk to Tom and let you know if I can make it! :)