Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spinach Smoothie

Every morning C ask's me for a SMOOTHIE, a green one! These are the best, and what better way to get your daily intake of veggies!

Put a little oj or water at the bottom of your blender so everything will mix better

Then I add:

Mixed Fruit (frozen bag from Sam's club)

1-2 Bananas (a must to help mellow out the spinach taste)

Mix together...

1-3 handful's of spinach leaves

Mix again, add some ice cubes



The Nielsens said...

Yes, we make these too, had one this morning. I usually try to add some flax seed too, help my skin. Thanks for the recipe tips. (:

Amy C said...

I make a similar one like this too. I put yogurt in it, and spinach, milk, fruit, etc. My kids love it and eat it right up too. :)