Thursday, October 8, 2009

So in LOVE....with coupons!

So yes call me a freak but I So LOVE saving $$$....I got some freaking good deals last night at the grocery store. I spent about a hour before hand clipping coupons, and matching ads, and checking out for other quick tips. It's worth it to do that and save $70, it's like making that much per hour on stuff I would have bought anyways. My favorite deal....Snow White $5.00....yep you heard it! You can use your old UPC and at disney movie rewards and get a $10 off coupon. Then you can find various rebates, I opted for Hefty plates...Paper plates are always handy especially when you hate doing dishes! I got cleaner, baby stuff, soda, air freshners, food, and more food, and snow white, for $90.00. I love it!

So here are my grocery's from last night, yes call me a freak but I love saving Money$$$$....I freakin got some great deals last night. I spent

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