Thursday, October 8, 2009

No you don't deserve it....Dave Ramsey

This is a post from a couple of weeks ago.....

So on our way to Lake Powell we decided to listen to our financial peace Cd's. I love listening to Dave Ramsey. He makes saving money fun, and helps you break your bad habits. I love his theory on how people think they deserve stuff so they just buy it. Then he flat out says NO you don't deserve it, not unless it's in your budget and your paying cash. I highly recommend taking his class if you want to get out of debt, get out of the rut your in, and learn how to save money. We took the class two years ago and went from being $40,000 debt (not including our home at the time) to around $5,000. He has taught me how to spend the money I have, I've managed to open all three of my kids a savings account, we have an emergency fund, and we don't use credit cards anymore! It has been such a blessing in our lives! But it was way good to listen to his Cd's again, to help me get motivated! So I spent a few minutes last night going through the ads and took my cash to the grocery store, I would of spent $250 if I would not have taken the time to do this. I feel like if I can save money on grocery's, and do my part at home, it's like having a job! Well here are my super deals I got today! Luvs $5.99, Miracle Whip $1.00, Capri Sun .60 cents, Simlac Formula .20 cents(I'm still in shock on that one!), Oatmeal .25 cents! So I spent $90 bucks on all this stuff. Laugh if you must on my post, but it gets my adrenaline pumpin! I love it!

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