Friday, November 11, 2011

Cozy Projects

I have been crafting away today....mostly due to the fact that Ezra is going on hour 3 of his nap! I was joking around with Phil that crafting is my therapy...and its way cheaper too :) This first project I cut some left over beadboard from my super saturday, and I cut some waynes board a little smaller for the scrapbook paper to go on. Then I cut some vinyl out and put it all together. I think it turned out darling...and its something different!

I picked up these owls a couple weeks ago when I went to get everyone's last name letters. They've been sitting out in my garage feeling neglected so I finally went to work today on them. Also I'm saying goodbye to modge podge and HELLO spray adhesive. It was so much easier and way less of a mess! Love love love it!
So for the third project today I finally made something I pinned! I thought this was a brilliant idea...and its made from a stove top burner! Just traced the paper, sprayed with adhesive, sanded with a nail file, glue sticked my paper to clothes pins, adheared with a glue gun. Cut some vinyl and drilled some holes with the drill! Super easy and fun!

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