Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Decor

It's October....finally my favorite month of the year! Time to make yummy soups, finish harvesting the garden, enjoy those crisp cool walks, yummy apple cider donuts at the Red Barn, trips to the pumpkin patch, sweater weather, fall leaves, general conference...I could go on and on....oh and did I mention time to decorate for Halloween! I don't know why I love Halloween decor, but it tops my list! Plus we moved twice this time last year so my stuff has been huddled in totes for the last two years so it was like Christmas morning pulling it all out! I thought I'd share with you some of my decor...I'm loving the cream/on black just seems so classic and clean!
I've had this tree thing for photos by my T.V for the past year with our family photos from last year. I pulled them all off and put pictures of halloween of past years. I love it! Its so fun to look at the different costumes and things we did in the past! I think I'll do it for Christmas as well!
I cut this wood last night while Phil was at Priesthood meeting, sanded and cut vinyl. My friend came over and cut my hair so I didn't have time to finish them last night. So that's what I did this afternoon while we enjoyed confrence. I love how simple they are, I tend to over-due my projects and so it was nice to do one so simple!
These are the glasses we are making on Tuesday so I'm so excited, and they make such a great addition to my collection! I forgot to take pictures of my porch....loving the pumpkins on the steps!

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Amy C said...

You spooky decor looks great! I love those hurricanes you did. They are SO cute!