Monday, September 26, 2011

So here you go! At the request of a handful of friends I am hosting my own super Saturday at my house! I have been planning this for months, and may still add to it! For now I have three projects that you can pick from! All projects MUST BE PAID FOR 2 WEEKS in advance to participate! Date is SATURDAY November 5th@ 10:00 A.M. We will break for lunch at noon and I'll have soup/bread sticks!

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar:
Price: $7.00 (Includes everything except MUFFIN TIN which you can pick up from Walmart for around $4.00 be sure to get the MINI muffin tin!)

Count Your Blessings Board:
Price: $9.50 (Includes everything, if you would like to do different colors call me and we can pick out paper, and paint)
Last Name Wood Letters: Now this one is a little trickier. Each letter is going to cost you $3.50 for the smaller $4.50 for the larger. My last name is completely lower case...but you may want to do a upper case for the first letter of your name. The price includes the wood letter, glitter, ribbon & modge podge. You can order your paper from me, or pick your own up, I have a tun of matchy matchy paper, with ribbon that matches. You must bring your OWN spray paint and paper for this project! Every 3 letters you will need 1 can of spray paint! This project is quite time consuming so I may even have you spray paint your letters ahead of time.

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