Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raining Flowers

I got this new set in the mail today and had to play with it! The three cards all come from the same set Raining Flowers. The new Stampin Up Catalog came out a couple weeks ago as well, I only have 3 left so if you want one be sure to let me know (they are $4.25 each).


Amy C said...

New stamps are so fun to play with! These cards are so cute!! The colors you picked are fabulous. I'm just going thru the catalog, making a list. :) It was fun to get to see you today!

Mrs. O said...

Hey Sami, I'd love to purchase a catalog if you still have one. I've been redoing my craft room and I've been anxious to start playing with my stamp pads again! Plus it will be fun to see how much has changed with Stampin Up! in the eternity that has passed by since I was a regular customer.