Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scentsy Party / Coupon Class

Hey there next TUESDAY Oct. 19Th at 7 p.m. I am having a coupon class at my house! It is FREE to come and learn how to save some money! I already ordered my papers I'm hoping they start this Sunday! I'm so excited Kira's got me pumped to cut my grocery bill in half at the very least! Come bring your questions and get some great tips on how to store that mound of coupons you already have!

Also I opened up a scentsy party I'll keep it open till next Christmas! What a great stocking stuffer or great gift for the mother in law, sister, friend! They have their Yummy scents for fall out! I've been burning Autumn Sunset, but I'm excited to invest in some cozy flavors: Vanilla Walnut, Toasted Carmel sugar, Baked Apple Pie, Pumpkin Roll! As always they have awesome deals where you can get a discount if you buy multiple items....I desperately need a plug in for our bathroom that doesn't have a fan!

So stop by this week sometime and get you some scentsy, or come by Tuesday for a fun night off from the kids!

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