Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School Clothes Shopping Tips....

So today I opened up my facebook and I had two messages about how to save money on school clothes shopping. Just what is on my mind!!!

So here is what I've been up too, who knows if it will work for you but it works for us!

1. First off prepare a budget for each child. It is something that you could do together so he/she may learn the value of money!

2. Second I've cleaned out my children's closets, and drawer's (whether they are going to school or not) it's a great way to declutter, and get the things out of the way that don't fit anymore.

3. Third make a list of what each child needs. Since I only have two kids in school these list will be very minimal. Hello Emma still fits in her clothes from last year!

4. Watch for bargains, and when you see them GET THEM...or next time you go they'll be gone or super picked over! I got Emma some darling shirts from Walmart today for $3 bucks, and Corbin some cute skater shoes for $9 that were marked down from $29!

5. Don't forget your list when you go shopping that is key to not buying too much, oh and I also like to take cash and put it in separate envelopes with each child's name on it so I don't over spend then have to pay for it for the next couple of weeks! This year I'm also planning on taking Emma by herself so we can have a mother/daughter day. It's a special time for her, and it's great for both of us. I know it's hard to do that but just swap some babysitting with someone so that person could do that as well!

Those are my tips may not work for you, but they have worked well for us for the past couple of years!

My list for Emma:
3 pairs of jeans (she still has 3 that are in awesome shape, and still look great, plus I don't want to waist all my money on this in case she has a growth spurt....oh and I always make sure 1 pair is for special occasions or that she takes them off when she gets home from school so those stay nice cause it's pretty hard to avoid holes in the knees at this age!)
6-8 T-shirts
4 Sweaters
2 pairs of shoes (1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of flats)
Socks (10-14 pairs, sorry I don't do laundry more than once a week, and they always seem to disappear)
Under ware (same amount)
Possible skirt with a top that matches for special occasions
1 pair of boots (I'll hold off till I can get a AWE-some deal)
1 Jacket (Got a super cute one at Kid to Kid for $4 bucks)
Oh and if you have a little girl don't forget to buy a super cute headband from me to go with her outfit. LOL

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Amy C said...

Thanks for the tips! I started to think about school shopping, but that's really as far as it has gone! (thinking) Anyway, I think your tips sound great!