Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things to do with Stampin' Up!!!!

So here I am trying to decorate my house on a simple budget! Check out these simple, and affordable ideas!

So I must say that I am a Stampin' Up snob when it comes to ribbon! I love how cute it is and how it matches the ink, or paper! I especially love this double sided polka dot, stitched ribbon! I think I'm on my 4Th roll of it between Christmas card orders, sprucing up projects I already have (hence the Family home evening board), or tying it in my daughter's pigtails! You get 10 yards that is 3/4 in. wide for $8.95

So here is another home project that needed sprucing up! This medallion is $4.95, my friend bought one and stuck it on her front door! So cute!

So here is my favorite project that I've done with the Stampin' Up Vinyl. I needed something to put my detergent in, because I buy the huge box from the store, so this fit perfect! There are 3 different sizes for the laundry sign, this being the smallest will run you $8.95.

So here I am trying to decorate my house on a budget! These easy projects didn't cost me an arm and a leg, plus anyone could do them!

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Ashley said...

Those are cute ideas! I especially like the laundry detergent idea. I totally want to do that now!